John Steinbeck Dust Jacket Series

John Steinbeck was an influential American Author in the mid 20th century who has left a lasting impression on the literary world. Much of Steinbeck's novels can be classified as social examination into human behavior and the effects of economic distress. I chose to create dust jackets for East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath, and Of Mice and Men, which are considered his best works. These novels are serious in tone and show the distress of human morality, economic distress, and loneliness. Although solemn in nature, Steinbeck sheds positive light against the negative. Three important ideas are found in the works; the ability to decide our actions and have a moral conscious, having a dream and never giving up on that dream, and having unrelenting hope when things seem all but bleak. These ideas were illustrated as metaphors in the book covers, with symbols that contain almost all the color in a washed out surrounding.