Smart Scape

Smart Scape is a mobile app solution for landscaping and irrigation companies to help them get better organized, communicate more effectively, and produce a better work flow. Primarily used between operation managers and crew leaders, Smart Scape will allow managers to add jobs on a day to day basis and relay these jobs to their crew leaders. The app also helps in consolidating important client, employee, and supplier information.


The logo was inspired by the natural flowing forms of a scape, “a long, leafless flowering stem rising directly from the ground.”


These screens show a progression of loading the app, logging in, and seeing the job overview for the day from the point of view of an operations manager. Here the manager can see vital information for jobs as well as important client and employee information. Viewing special notes and a GPS navigator are also important features for mobile workers. 

These screens are showing the process of adding a job for the day and selecting options such as client, date and time, workers, and the tools that different crews sometimes share. Having a consolidated contacts section is also important as they need to be in constant contact with clients, workers, and suppliers.