Slab is a self creation of a new concept where ice cream is made instantly using liquid nitrogen—how cool is that? Slab is an ice cream shop that offers a tasty, fresh, and unique experience to its customers. Everything here is made fresh and on the spot, so customers have the ability to get exactly what they want. The branding was chosen to be fun and illustrative, offering a fun and unique experience to families and kids or anyone looking for a tasty treat. The overall concept for the brand was how science makes ice cream taste better and so the idea of a mad scientist theme came into fruition.

The identity carries the idea and relationship between ice cream and science with a cone that mimics a lab beaker with a mixture inside. The name is kind of a play on words—a slab is a large thick piece of stone where ice cream mixtures are sometimes mashed together and the world lab is slightly a darker hue than the “S”.

Stationery System



For the hero image of the website, a fun and dynamic design was made illustrating a mad scientist concocting his own unique and tasty treat, just like any Slab customer would. 


Ice Cream Cup Packaging

The packaging was aimed at continuing the fun illustrative style with flat illustrations in a mad scientists laboratory.