During my tenure at Sozo, the company made a strategic shift, into a new detox company called Renew, meaning Sozo was slowly being phased out and being replaced by Renew. This new company was primarily focused on revolutionary new detox products and improving the overall health and well-being of its consumers. This shift into Renew meant redesigning assets for a second time, converting the newly rebranded Sozo into Renew. The creative team worked again to design and choose a new logo, color pallete, and update a library of assets. Through my tenure, I was involved in every part of the creative process with the team—including but not limited to branding, art direction, concept generation, web design, UX/UI design, sales documents and materials, social media advertisements and design, email design( email headers, autoresponders, animated GIFs, and infographics) keynote presentations, illustration, copy writing and proofreading, and events and swag.


The logo uses hexagons, symbolizing the building blocks of molecular structures and—Clinoptilolite, the main detox ingredient in Renew HC, Renew's flagship product. We chose to illustrate the bonding of the chemical with other molecules. We also decidied to make the logo friendly, playful, and inviting. 



Color Pallete

We chose a strong and vivid coral as our main brand color, something that has seldom been used in the pharmaceutical and detox world. This would allow Renew to distinguish itself and give it a feminine feel, as women was our target demographic.



The website was a minimum viable product, a fully functional one-page website designed and developed in two weeks. A redesigned and multi page site would have been designed and developed for Renews main launch in August 2016.

Website Features/Modals


Mobile Website Layout

Renew Back Office Dashboard

This back office dashboard was a portal for Renew Brand Partners (IBP's) to conduct their business by allowing them to view business information, conduct business transactions, and simply make the business aspect of Renew as easy an experience as possible.

Renew Facebook

Facebook Posts

Renew Twitter

Email Headers

Renew Pre-launch Email Headers (sized for email, Facebook cover image, and Facebook post)

Animated Gifs


Rank Advancement Badges

Rank Advancement Autoresponders

Rank Advancement Shareables



Distributor Opportunity Presentation


Documents (including Spanish documents)

Renew Bi-fold

Business Cards


Renew Shopify Page

Make Way for the Good T-shirts


Getting Started Infographic