Outbox was a start up in Austin, Texas that revolutionized the way people receive their mail. Outbox postmen scan mail digitally, allowing customers to view it on digital devices like an iPhone or iPad. This campaign was centered on how Outbox removes the clutter of pesky mail, especially junk mail, allowing customers to get organized and have extra freedom.


The identity combines outward facing arrows that create a very simple interpretation of a bird, a symbol of freedom. The dynamism of the arrows symbolize Outbox's dedication and hard work getting mail to its customers, as well as forward and innovative thinking. The colors used mimic those found in nature, a homage to the extra freedom that Outbox's customers have.

Stationery System


For the website, a hero image was designed to capture the process of going from the old and outdated mail into the innovative and digital solution that Outbox offers. A longer scrolling website was chosen to communicate all the benefits and reassure potential customers about the trust that they will surely have with Outbox postmen.

Mobile Web Layout

Magazine Advertisement

A magazine advertisement was made to communicate the astounding junk mail statistics that pass through every American household per year.


Television Commercial

Storyboards were created for a fictional commercial that brought a bit of humor and satire to the imposing nature of junk mail with a little lost dog.

A middle age man walks into his house holding his mail and tosses it into a dimly lit room.

The man cheerfully walks into the living room and greets his wife and kids.

The kids tell their dad they can't find their dog Buddy and are in all sorts of anguish.

The kids hear a bark from another room and run there facing a massive pile of junk mail.


They call again for Buddy and he emerges from the pile!

The kids and family rejoice after finding their long lost dog.

Then a loud screech of animal sounds erupts! And a cat, a guinea pig, and a rat explode out from the pile!


The family is then shown to be in complete shock from the frenzy that just took place!

The shot changes to the front door with a dark overlay containing the logo and tagline. The dog is then seen walking towards a doggie door with a piece of junk mail attached to his collar and the narrator speaks and says “End the Clutter. Outbox is changing the way we do mail.”

Fleet Vehicle Design

For the fleet design, a modern and minimal look was chosen to keep the design clean and sophisticated.