Sozo Global

Sozo Global was a startup network marketing company that specialized in distributing health and wellness products to its distributors and consumers. The vision set by Sozo Global was to empower people to live healthy and prosperous lives by using their products and achieving wealth through Sozo's comprehensive rewards plan. Working at this small business as a Graphic Designer meant taking responsibility of all marketing projects while meeting strict deadlines and working on a low budget. I was part of the in-house marketing team, meaning we worked very intimately together on all projects—I was able to collaborate with the Marketing Manager, Graphic Designers, Copywriter, Video Producer, and other departments. Upon my my arrival at Sozo, the marketing team was given the assignment of a corporate rebranding, this included redesigning and updating a large number of assets. I was able to work on numerous projects across all channels including, but not limited to branding, art direction, concept generation, web design, UX/UI design, sales documents and materials, social media advertisements and design, email design (email headers, autoresponders, animated GIFs, and infographics) Keynote presentations, illustration, copywriting and proofreading, and events and swag. All work done at Sozo was a team effort, and everyone in the group had a hand in the creative, strategic, and marketing decisions.




Upon my arrival at Sozo, we decided to keep the original logo in order maintain customer awareness, although we made the decision to keep the Sozo logotype separate from the "Berryman icon" in order to have maximum impact. The Berryman represents Sozo's values in health and vitality, cradling three fruits.

Color Pallete

Type Pallete


The packaging redesign had its own challenges and obstacles as we were tasked with creating a packaging system that would communicate universally and would also meet international regulations and compliance. Since we were creating a packaging system that would translate internationally, were unable to rely on language and typography to communicate our messaging. We instead relied on visual cues to brand our product lines. We decided that a pattern would reflect that line name and customers would learn these patterns and begin to have familiarity with each line.



Social Media


Facebook Posts

Success Center Sliders and Back Office Sliders

Product Sliders (using original packaging)


Rank Advancement Badges

I was tasked with creating rank advancement badges—the challenge was that there was thirteen ranks and each rank up needed to feel more important than the previous rank. The goal was to make distributors feel like each badge or rank achieved was a new level of dedication and distinction.

Rank Advancement Autoresponders

Rank Advancement Social Shareables

Opportunity Presentation

Email Headers

Renew HC Animation

This animation introduced and explained a new product Sozo was releasing called Renew HC. It was a collaborative effort as a team, although Heather Harbour created many of the graphics and Roberto Torres, our video producer was the mastermind behind the seamless animations and transitions.

Renew HC Website

This was a one-page website introducing Renew HC to the public, offering an explanation and the benefits of the product, as well as the ability to order the product.

The Team