Museum of Miniatures

The Museum of Miniatures is a miniature art museum located in Carmel, Indiana. They have a spectacular collection of dolls, doll houses, room boxes, vehicles, and much more. I created a branding system and some advertising pieces for the museum. While in the concepting phase and while reading about miniatures on the museums website, it became apparent that there is an underlying magical nature about miniature art. It was then decided that this magical quality that miniatures possess would be the overall idea behind the campaign. I wanted to communicate the idea that the magic of miniatures can go as far as the imagination is willing to go—so a playful and humorous aspect was added to the branding with exaggeration, interaction, and personification. During the design phase, it was also important to keep a balance between a mature and playful aesthetic, as a majority of visitors and members are in an older demographic, but children do comprise a third of visitors.

The idea behind the logo is a door with a gold light behind it representing the magic that is about to be experienced with miniature art.


Stationery System


For the website, personification was given to some of the miniatures to add a playful aspect, while exaggeration was used on the hero image to create this cold and chilly feel— just like the imagination can so easily do with miniature art.

Mobile Web Layout

Social Media Page

Magazine Advertisements

For the magazine advertisements, it was important to push the envelope with how far the imagination can go with miniatures. In these ads, its up to the viewer to decide if what is happening is real or if their imagination is running wild; something that can happen so easily with miniature art. It was also important to try to reach new audiences by combining humor and using a different selection of miniature art that might interest different audiences.


For this catalog, it was important to allow the natural beauty of the miniature art to simply speak for itself. One can only appreciate the true detail of miniature art by looking up close and personal.