Editorial Design and Digital Imaging

This is an editorial spread that I created for a photograph that I found. I wrote a story for the girl and experimented with textures, found type, and different imagery to try and illustrate that story.


Editorial Design and Illustration

This was an illustration and editorial design created for a news article. The article discussed the topic of the American military and how it often pushes its military might around, often to negative effects. For my concept, I thought of symbols of peace and freedom and how I could illustrate this topic being ravaged and devastated and left in desolation

Childrens Illustrations and Layout Design

The Cookooburrahs and the Goolahgool is an old tale from Australia that was retold by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker in Australian Legendary Tales, 1896. This tale tells the story of neglectful parents who get some harsh justice for leaving their poor children with no water. Thumbnails were sketched for layout options, followed by character design, and the experimentation of many textures were explored in order to create the composition.