Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor is an app that helps people in communities get tasks done. Often we don't have a specific tool needed to do a job, we just need an extra hand, or we need someone's help with specific experience. Good Neighbor is an app that helps communities and neighbors come together to get jobs done and ask for help when it is needed.

These screens consist of the loading screen, the login screen and the home section of the navigation. On the home screen, one can see the current list of jobs that people need help with and can also respond to these listings, as well as post their own jobs.

These screens show the jobs part of the navigation that serve as a way to see jobs/conversations and communicate with people who are interested. You also receive your jobs agreements in this screen where you can accept or ignore.

This part of the navigation shows the community in your area where you can view peoples profiles that show information like feedback and skills.

In this part of the navigation you can view your account that lists important information like posts, feedback, and skills.